Fall 2012 West Coast Trip travel blog

Our campsite is right on the water

Lots of privacy

The Victorian garden

The Garden in the Glen

Lots of water features

more glen

There were lots of statues

The Train Garden was amazing

Lots of tunnels and bridges

There were 3 trains and a street car that ride around Omaha...

TheTrain garden is 3 stories tall. You can walk all thru and...

This in part of the parking lot

We arrived yesterday and are staying in a state park outside of Omaha. We are on a small lake which is down about 6 feet due to the drought. Very nice spot. Only a few other campers are here so it is very private.

Temps avg in the mid 80's here in August-so this week the highs are 95 to 99. (We always seem to visit Memphis in a heat wave too-maybe it's us). Anyway we are here 2 nites to break up the driving.

We went to Lauritzen Gardens in the morning today. It started out at about 67 degs this morning and was only about 75 when we got to the park so it was very nice. By the time we left the park at 11:30 it was 85 degs. We started off with a tram tour of the park. It is 100 acres so we thought it would be good to take an overview tour first. The tram tour was an hour and we were the only 2 on the tram. (It was the first tram of the day-by the time we left the trams were full). Then we walked the park. We didn't do the whole 100 acres-it was getting too hot-but we did get to about 2/3's of the gardens. We saw the Festival garden, Victorian garden, English garden, Garden of the Glen, the Train garden (very cool), the Rose garden, and several others we didn't know the names of. The routes between the gardens are gardens, and even the parking lot is a garden. If you are ever in Omaha, it's worth a visit.

We had planned on doing Old Town but it was on the way up to 99 degrees today and we decided to take a pass. Sitting in the shade by the lake and finishing a good book seemed like a better idea-so thats what we did.

I took 190 pictures today.

We are on the way to Fort Collins and the Rockies tomorrow. We will take 2 days to get there.

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