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By the time the clock struck 8 a.m., we were already on the Toll Road and westward bound, a nice early start to beat the rush around Chicago. We made a donation of $12.80 to the highway department at the end of the toll road; tolls are expensive when you have four axles. Then we left Indiana behind and entered Illinois and a few short stretches of toll road there set us back another few dollars. But, all in all, the roads were reasonably good and the other drivers were on their best behavior.

Fuel prices aren’t all that different around here so we topped off our diesel and had lunch at the truck stop. Then, the rain found us and it rained most of the rest of the journey to De forest, WI, just a little north of Madison. Sometimes, the rain was very heavy and made for a little slower driving; but, we did notice that some of the corn crops are looking a little healthier so a little rain is a good thing.

So, a three-state day, and we are down for a few days here until we can get into the campground in St. Paul, where Joe & Foxy will hang out while I’m in Ireland.

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