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In a few hours me and Nico will be catching a boat down the Yangtze river to a town called Yichang - it's going to take us 3 days or so, then onwards to Shanghai, though we only have time to spend one night there, and then one night in Beijing until we fly out t Delhi. We spoke to some English girls last night who said that their river cruise wa s bit disastrous - flooding rooms and not much to see...

I've been trying to access my hotmail account but for some reason it seems to be blocked in this internet cafe, aaaaaaaaaagggrgh - so many emails i need to send! As we will be on the river for the next few days we won't really be able to communicate until Shanghai, hopefully i'll be able to post an update and email everyone back from there. Sorry to everyone who's sent me emails recently, I will reply soon (especially Will M, my reply is long over due!).


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