Fletchers Europa Extravaganza 2012 travel blog

my lil riding buddy.

washing machine!

Dryer, please let my pants dry!

front side of abbey - 1/4 mile away

back side, me and a beer. where I'm standing, gets covered by...

top of the Abbey, wow! looked to be 3 stories tall

night time, my pic doesn't do it any justice

So, it's now early Saturday morning and I'm off to Mont Saint Michel Abbey near Pontorson. After a 2 hour train ride, sitting on a jump seat which wasnt pleasant, I arrived at the train station. Had to wait 50mins for the bus. Uh, it's only 6miles from station to the abbey and my hotel was in walking distance to it. Well, checked in with no problems around 1230pm, showered, grabbed some quick computer time and off I went. Oh yeah, it was laundry day and clothes don't dry fast inside a hotel. Hopefully they will be dry by tomorrow. The walk to the Abbey took about 30mins. Wow, it is HUGE! Great pictures again. I walked around exploring till 7ish and went back. Wanted to grab some computer time before I went back to do the Night time tour. Well, got back and the WiFi wasn't working for me. It kept knocking me off. Well, I fell asleep and up woke around 9pm. Guh, I gotta go do the tour b/c it will take me at least 2hours. Well, it was so worth it! It's steps upon steps of twisty-windy stairs and passages. It's unbelievable the scale of this thing. It was built like in the 1400s!

I have to say, it tops Sacre Cœur. It is a must see if you like things like this. Telling you all about it doesn't do it justice. Just Google and check it out! 

Well, got back to the room around 1230am. Time for some Trip updates. It's 345am now and I need to go to bed. Oh yeah, I still have to book trains to Nice. Yep, I didn't plan well at all, just ran out of time with planning what to do and finding Hosts to stay with. Looks like Hostels from here out.  It's difficult with the larger cities to find some one that u think u can trust and They have an empty couch for my body. 

So, that's about it. Tomorrow, extremely, extremely long day!


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