Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Wicked ladder ball competition

Ducks on the pond

Our cruise ship Grand Belle of Geneva

Summer cottage

Classic steamer


Fontana on the lake


Shore line

What a summer scene

Me checking things out with my birthday binoculars

Open water

Shirley, Don and Jeanne on the bow

"There's a summer place"

It was Geneseo Day, can you tell?

Jim and Debby

Annette and Jeanne explaining what BF'er means

Heading into the dock

Age order Shirley is the youngest

Book reports are due Satuday at 5 pm

Reading Jeanne

Reading Shirley

Hey, that's not a word

Just another fantastic day here in Lake Geneva. The big event was a luncheon tour of Geneva Lake on an historic double deck boat. This really is a beautiful area and the day was perfect for the seven of us to relax, eat and listen to the captain narrate the history of his summer playground. The mansions on this seven mile lake are amazing and there are a lot of them. Over 90 percent of the homes are just summer residences. Fact: an explorer from the NY Finger Lakes named this lake for his home town of Geneva. Because the lake freezes solid in the winter, all 1200 boat docks have to come out of the water, WOW! A little downtown shopping after the cruise and then back to our wonderful digs. Don and I went pool swimming while the rest read and chatted. Dinner was mine and grilled cheese burgers and hot dogs along with salads, soup and desert were on the menu. I started on the grill but it would not get hot enough, went to the oven broiler but since it’s a gas stove it only had one burner which would not get the entire meal done. So, went to plan three and fried our meal. It all turned out well. After dinner there was a marathon scrabble game for many, Shirley puzzled and Don and I watched the ball game. Enjoy the pics.

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