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Red Lion Inn - Stockbridge

Picture window was Rockwell's studio

Rockwell's grave in Stockbridge cemetery

Visitors leave paint brushes, coins, etc atop Rockwell's headstone

Mum Bett's grave

Naumkeag - Choate Summer Cottage

Linden Walk

Statue of Diana at end of walk

Comfortable chair?

The famous Blue Steps

Chinese Garden

Maria exiting the Chinese Garden through the Moon Gate

Lunched at the historic Red Lion Inn - always a treat. The original Inn was built in 1773 and was a stage coach stop. In 1786 the Inn was the site of Shays Rebellion- a group of farmers who protested post war taxation. In 1897 a fire destroyed the original building and construction of a new Inn was started that same year. In 1968 the Inn was slated for demolition but was rescued by John and Jane Fitzpatrick, owners of Country Curtains. Their daughter, Nancy, operates the Inn today.

Stockbridge is best known as the home of Norman Rockwell. There is a huge Rockwell Museum in town and it is quite a tourist attraction. His original studio is located on Main Street - the only building with a large picture window. Most of the people in his paintings were residents of this town and he even drew a rather famous picture of this street decked out with Christmas decorations. After lunch, we walked through the Stockbridge cemetery to pay our respects to Norman Rockwell and Elizabeth Freeman "Mum Bett". I first heard her story when I visited Ashley House on August 7, 2010 and have never forgotten it. (Read entry 8/7/10 in journal).

Our last stop was Naumkeag, the Choate family summer "cottage". No photos allowed inside the house and admission ( with AAA discount) was $13.00. I am sure that when Miss Mabel Choate inherited the property in 1929 the gardens were in much better shape than they are today. Still, I had heard of the Blue Steps and wanted to see them in person. I am told that they are one of the most famous built landscapes in America. (All you need to know about the Choates can be found on Wikipedia ).

Lost my shirt in cards tonight. I'd like to say it was because I was tired but I can't. There's always tomorrow!

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