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We took our time Tuesday morning and did not leave the Bordertown RV Park until 1000 AM. We missed all of the Reno commute traffic and were hoping for a relaxing drive across the mountains into the San Joaquin Valley and then home.

However the relaxing trip ended just after crossing Donner Summit when we hit the construction zones on highway 80. Overall the traffic was moderate but the truck traffic was heavy and the construction zones had some very narrow lanes with trucks in front, rear and beside you going down steep grades and sharp curves. It wasn't until we got into the Sacramento area when Ross started to stretch his hands that he turned to Marge and said he didn't realize just how stressful the drive across the mountains was until he released his grip on the steering wheel and realized he had been driving with a death grip and his hands were stiff and aching.

We arrived home around around 1500, parked the motorhome beside the house and walked inside the house to discover 5 months worth of mail that Rosalie and Frank had neatly stacked in several piles on the kitchen counter. It will take several days to get through it all, although we figure about 90% will windup in the recycle bin.

It was a long and very exhausting trip for both of us for several reasons, none of which will be discussed here. Ross' computer took a dump a couple of months ago so a detailed report of the trips mileage, fuel consumption, etc. is not available and will not be available until the computer is repaired or replaced and the backup disk copied to the new computer if that is necessary. Ross is estimating the total mileage was in excess of 10,000 miles.

It is now 0618 and this will be the last of the trip reports for this year. If things workout we hope to do a trip to Newfoundland, Canada next summer and if anyone reading this Journal would like to accompany us we would love to have the company.

Ross & Marge

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