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A living roof.

Absorbs most of the rain and you don' have to mow it.

Down Detroit from Fords visitor center.

Whew... 65 miles an hour, semi trucks on both sides and Gophie...

We packed up and took the car and motor home over to the Ford Museum. The plan is to take the F150 tour and then move on into Ohio.

You catch a bus at the museum and they take you to the factory. It is a semi-guided tour. Once you get to the assembly area you are free to observe at your leisure.

Sorry, we were not allowed to take pictures. Don't want people coping the sharing trade secrets.

The daily vehicle production is based on actual vehicle orders. They were in full operation. Via an elevated walkway above the plant we got a view of the internal framework and massive web of overhead conveyors, vehicle elevators and parts delivery systems that makes this one of the most technologically advanced plants. Henry Ford is the founder/inventor of the assembly line.

The outside of the plant has a roofing system which is a living environment of greenery that deal with water, soil and air recycling.

We left around noon and headed toward Cleveland. We did not enjoy the Detroit traffic or roads. Lots of construction, bumpy streets and semi trucks. I think we will stick to the back roads.

We spent the night at Timber-Ridge campground in Lorain, Ohio.

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