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Henry Ford

First Stop - Railroads

Driving America

Driving America

Driving America


Three Headlights

For Us

For Me

Driving America

Driving America

Better For Me

Model T

I Saw The Model

I Got It

Now What?

I Can Get It



Dymaxion House

Looks Good

I Would Buy It

I Was In Third Grade

Photo Booth

We visit the Henry Ford Museum today. It is in Dearborn. It is Sunday. Maybe the traffic will not be bad.

Step 1: We easily find our way to an IHOP for breakfast. Step 2: Telegraph Road is a straight route to the museum. It is a good road and not busy. Hurray! We are very close to Detroit.

We could spend days at the Henry Ford Museum complex. We visit the Museum only. If we lived nearby, we would have annual passes.

The museum tells the stories of men and women whose vision and courage changed the world around them. It is a vast building. It measures twelve acres under a single roof.

Many of the exhibits are interactive. I help assemble a Model T. I hope I tightened the screws enough. I drive a Model T (using a computer). I make it to the finish line but cannot seem to miss the potholes. A computer picks a car for me based on my answers to questions about how I drive. It has me pegged.

We watch an old time silent move and get our pictures taken in an old photo booth. We visit a Dymaxion House. It is the only one still in existence. Only two were built.

After the museum, our luck changes. We head south on one of the worst pieces of Interstate that we have ever been on! I am studying the map. How can we get off this?

We cross into Ohio. The road is fine. We get to our campground a little later than usual. We get around Detroit and Toledo on a Sunday with little traffic.

Campground: Bluffton KOA

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