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Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes

Lake Michigan

The Bridge

Here We Go

Road Work


Not For Me

Almost Over


Lake Heron


Rest Area

Lake Heron

Any Driftwood?




Sea Gull

We head south toward Lake Michigan. We stop. “What’s that?” We see many Sandhill Cranes in a field. We now know where they spend the summer.

At Lake Michigan we head east on Route 2. We stop at an overlook .We can see an ore hauler in the distance. We like the Great Lakes.

We continue toward Mackinac Bridge. I am not thrilled that the wind is picking up. I promise myself that I will look around as we cross!

At the bridge, we see the same warning as in 2010. “High Winds - Speed Limit 20 Miles per Hour” We put the flashers on.

There is road construction on the bridge. Everyone has to go slow. Since we are on the inside lane, the crossing is not bad. I look around and take some pictures. There are people working on top of one of the towers. I would never go up there!

On the Lower Peninsula, we turn onto Route 23. We are now on the Lake Heron Circle Route. We pass through Cheboygan. I just love saying that name. Cheboygan!

We stop at a rest area where we walk on the beach. It is very windy!

Our goal for today is Alpena. The Thunder Bay National Marine Underwater Sanctuary is here. We visit the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center. It is a nice museum. It is now raining so it is a good to be inside.

We gather information on the glass bottom boat shipwreck tours. Unfortunately, we will probably miss the tour. Rain is not a problem but the wind is another matter. They canceled today‘s trips. The weather forecast for tomorrow is similar to today.

Our campground again has terrible WIFI. Everyone says that their WIFI is great but it is not. Eventually, we will catch up on pictures.

Campground: Campers Cove

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