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Bike Parkade (3 levels)

Interesting Building across the Harbour

Bike of the Day-everyday we see a different configuration every day

Sample of what happens to a Bike in the Canal

Houses on Canal (Venice Like)

Houses on Canal (Venice Like)

Little Church in the Attic--street view

Little Church in Attic 1

Little Church in Attic 2

Little Church in the Attic 3

Little Church in the Attic 4

More Crooked Houses

Interesting above Door to a Church

Tight Squeeze

St. Nicholls Church--replaces the Little Church in the Attic

Old Church in the middle of the Red Light District

August 10, 2012

We finally found the Little Church in the Attic (Our Lord In the Attic Church)

Yesterday was a touristy day. We first headed to the NL Post Office and organized a shipment home of our biking stuff plus some of Sue’s remaining wardrobe. Hopefully it makes it to Edmonton. We then headed to Central Station to do some reconnaissance to ensure where we had to catch the high-speed train to Paris. Speaking of that, I was checking my GPS and decided to check how far we are from our Paris Apt—432 KMS. In this same vein, we are 4940 KMs from Halifax and 6056 KMs from Hamilton.

After 3 days of searching, we finally found the Our Lord in the Attic Church—it is in the Red Light District. From 1578 to 1795, Catholicism was illegal but tolerated if it was out of view. All of the large Catholic Churches had been taken over by hard line Protestants. (Calvinists). In 1663 a wealthy merchant built a secret church in the attic of a House. It is about the size of a 4-lane bowling alley and is 3 stories—they cut out the middle of the floors and constructed 2 levels of balconies (suspended from the roof with metal rods. It held about 150 people.

We had lunch on the Dam Square—this is the 1st time we thought we were taken advantage of-- our G&Ts were 10 Euros a pop. However it was good people watching. We then wondered over to the Spui Square and sat and watched Amsterdam flow by.

Later we again attended the Van Gogh Museum. It is open late on Friday nights and there are no crowds (a Rick Steves’ Tip) —it was far better the 2nd time with no crowds.

Beside our Hotel is a little hole in the wall pizza take out place. Boats stop all night in the canal and order pizzas. We decided to try and the ½ hour wait was bearable because we simply had a couple of beers and sat by the canal and waited. While waiting, we spoke to a fellow from Boston that lives and works in Amsterdam for a large corp. This is a very socialist country and the people pay a 52% income tax rate. The Dutch don’t seem to mind because it their mindset. However, it is a tax haven and many multinational corps (i.e. Starbucks) have their head offices in the NLs.

It was a very good day.

Al & Sue

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