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Cairns to Lakeland

250kms 50kms gravel

Using iPhone, will post photos of Cape York trip when we return to Cairns around 22nd.

After buying everything we needed to change from caravanning to rent camping we were ready to set off on our Cape York adventure! Car is packed to the limit!! We chose to drive along the scenic Black Mountain Rd through heritage listed rainforest, pine plantations and forest. It's amazing how the scenery can change so rapidly. We got to see some extra sights after taking a wrong turn at an unmarked fort in the road, ending up in a 'keep out' aboriginal zone. Oops! A few glares as we drove in and quickly realized we better get out of there quick smart! Some vicious looking dogs happily escorted the navara back out. Also spotted a wild cassowary, an endangered species, so I think a rare spotting!

Made it to Mount Molloy for lunch then drove on to our first stop, the Lakeland Caravan Park. Beautiful scenery coming into Lakeland! Dry grass and small trees as far as you can see. 

Kids were both brilliant in the car, Max sat still in his seat for 4hrs straight, no complaints until the last 20minutes when he decided he didn't want to go camping he wanted to go back to Bec's house and go on the trampoleeeeene. 

Setting up our newly acquired tent was a breeze and we were able to sit and relax in the sunshine in no time. First night was successful, Max slept a good twelve hours, poor little Anna woke the whole park up with her nasty coughing! Dylan froze as he was in the cheap crappy $12 sleeping bag, even wearing pants, socks and a jumper! 

On the road to Musgrave Roadhouse at 8.30am, another gorgeous sunny day! 

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