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Find the Eagle

Where Are The Muskies?

There He Is




Small Muskie

Close Up

Muskie and Muskie Matt

Not Your Turn Yet


End Of Day

Great Day on the Water

We are both awake early. We do not want to oversleep on a fishing trip day.

We meet Muskie Matt at the café. John fished with him in 2010. We are fishing today in the South Twin Lake and the North Twin Lake. In my opinion, it is all one lake. You can get from one to the other by boat.

John has not caught a Muskie. They say it is the fish of ten-thousand casts. We have a great day on the water but John still has not caught a Muskie. I guess he is not up to ten-thousand yet. We will have to come back.

We do see a Muskie. Matt fishes since I am not fishing. He catches one fish. It is a nice fish but small for a Muskie.

I take pictures of the many eagles here. We see them in the trees. We see them flying over the lake. We do not see them catch any fish!

Tomorrow we continue east. We will go east into Michigan and then south across Mackinaw Bridge. I hope it is not windy! We like the Great Lakes circle routes. We will follow Lake Michigan first and then Lake Heron. It will be a different route than in 2010.

Campground: KOA Eagle River

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