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Goodbye from Barneveld

Goodbye from Barneveld

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August 3, 4 and 5

On August 3, we biked 70 kms (2400 calories) to Apeldoorn to go to the Apenheul (the Monkey Zoo). It is a zoo that specializes in apes and monkeys (30 different primates). It was the 1st zoo in the world where apes and monkeys could walk around freely and between the visitors. The monkeys are everywhere (on the ground and in the trees) and you have to keep your bags closed and not eat any food in certain areas since they will try and get into your belongings. We were watching in a feeding area, and I had a monkey sneak up and try and get into a bag I was carrying. The apes were not within the public areas, but we watched a feeding and the troop was about 15 Apes.

All in all, it was quite spectacular, albeit, Sue was a bit nervous and kept glancing overhead and underfoot.

On August 4, we had an Olympics Day---we stayed glued to the BBC Coverage and ate too many chippers as we watched various events. The truth be known, we were very happy not to climb on to the bikes—the high 20’s/low 30’s plus high humidity is taking its toll.

August 5 we biked 70ish kms (2402 calories)—again, very high humidity. We headed towards a large river. We had to bike through miles of low lands (lower than the river/sea level) that have been reclaimed. The fields have multiple canals throughout to control the water. The fields are so low and so wet; it appears that they can only be used for pastures—too wet for actual farming. We then turned away and headed back via the National Forest.

As we parked the bikes back in Hennie’s garage, we now realize that our 1st 5 weeks are completed and we are done our serious biking. As we tallied up our final kms, I think we can safely say that we put about 1700kms in the book—we (well, I) had hoped for 2000kms, but the HEAT and HUMIDITY wore us down.

We have now traveled to Amsterdam—will report in tomorrow.

Al & Sue

PS--I figured out how to download images of the Van Gogh Paintings that I referred to in my last Blog--see above

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