Wisconsin trip to Taliesin 2012 travel blog

Wright's original burial site at Unity church

Home he built for his sister

Romeo & Juliet Windmill tower

Midway Barn


Taliesin- another view

Pond in garden

court yard

August 1, 2012 Visiting Taliesin

This morning we took the 4 hour Estate tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’sTaliesin. This was an experience in walking uphill for most of the tour. We saw the family Unity church and Wright’s original burial site. His 3rd wife & last wrote in her will that she wanted Frank’s body taken back to Arizona and cremated with hers. His Wisconsin family did not agree, but in the middle of the night, some men came and exhumed his body and took it back to Arizona where it was cremated with hers. We also saw the Hillside School he built for his aunts, the home he built for his sister, the barn with the silo within which one of the apprentices built living quarters, the Romeo and Juliet windmill tower, and of course the main house. We were not allowed to take pictures in the house. It is the 3rd Taliesin – the first 2 burned. Wright considered the house a place to experiment and try new ideas, so it was in constant transition and renovation . Because it was a place to experiment with his ideas, most of the products used were the least expensive available and not the most durable. The Foundation is continually repairing and/or restoring the house to the condition it was in 1959 when Frank died. His last wife had made a number of changes after his death, so those are being removed and the structure is being returned to the way Frank left it.

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