John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

Our RV Park is perfect for overnight. It has hot showers, great WIFI and is inexpensive. There is a breakfast place a few blocks away. The couple parked next to us are on the road for longer than we are. This is unusual.

We did not use the air conditioner last night. We both comment that it is a little chilly in the morning. I put the heater on for a few minutes. It is great to be up north.

We travel on Route 8 today. It is an okay road. It takes us across the state. We check into the campground we stayed at in 2010. It is a beautiful campground but the WIFI is only at the office. We will have to deal with it. Our priorities have changed.

John has a fishing trip scheduled for Tuesday morning. Tomorrow we may rent a boat. We can entertain ourselves for a day.

Campground: KOA Eagle River

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