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Caught By Paul Bunyan

It Fits

Not Too Bad

We're Ready

We had a good rainstorm last night. There was a lot of lightning. Campers in tents surround us. I am sure they had an interesting night.

We are not feeling sympathetic. John tripped over one of their stakes this morning that was on our site. The same group has the road blocked with their boat. It is time to leave!

John is a little achy but we do not think anything is broken. We head south to Forest Lake. A friend of John’s has asked us to pick up a panel for a car he is restoring. We stop in Mille Lacs to take a picture of Paul Bunyan’s Walleye.

The directions to the “car panel place” are easy to follow. The panel is on the second floor of a barn. Oops! It is far too easy to get down. They load it into a Suburban to drive it to the front of the property. They load it into the trailer. Again, it is easier than they expect!

We have a good time with the panel owner. “If I get blocked in the trailer, how far are you going?” “Have you ever seen the Atlantic Ocean?”

We decide to continue east for an hour. We are now in Wisconsin. John wants to fish in Eagle River. We should be able to get there tomorrow.

Campground: Turtle Lake RV

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