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UNBELIVAble over 2000 people are killed on these per year

honda 110

local fisherman

I an still at the beach resort still have the place mainly to my self but ever night after the sun goes down that put on a Ramadan feast which about 200 people attended it is different group each night.the people are always polite and friendly towards me. So far i have not seen one burqa being worm[head coverings yes}, I ask one of the ladies in the office about it and her reply was that under their law woman was equal and have the same rights as men and where not cat-tels . Before i come here i was expecting it to be more like the books i read as a kid all about the Rubber plantations was i in for a surprise no rubber trees and the whole county covered in palm oil palms,there are a few Tea plantations up in the highlands. Some where along the way they learned to build flyovers 6 lane highways.The high ways go ever where even small towns have flyovers and K.L is just one mass flyovers to get out on the bus you seen to be going round and round how hell they find there way i don't know. Once out of the cities the roads are all Toll roads whit the toll collectors are all muslim woman' Small motorbikes are another thing they rided then like that have a death wish they must have as over 2000 have died on then this year alone,their is no that i want to be a bus or truck driver over here i would not last a day,even the buses do u-turns on the motor ways. The boat out of Singapore has been delayed in the middle east but i an going back to Singapore to wait for it as i left my lugalsh their with my money in their safe,

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