John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

Blue Jay

We plan to go fishing. We wake up to a light rain. We never get around to renting the pontoon boat.

We drive to Cross Lake to visit Craig. He worked on our RV two years ago. He remembers us. We spent a lot of time at his shop. We give him an update.

The rest of the day, we spend planning and relaxing. We decide to go out to dinner. We find a nice restaurant on Cross Lake. We are back before dark.

The RV Park is filling up. It is Friday night. Everyone goes to the lake on the weekend. We are less than three hours from Minneapolis. Many of the families may be from that area.

John hooks up the trailer. We are leaving in the AM. I hear a commotion. I see an animal running around the park. It is a badger! B-A-D-G-E-R! There is a badger running around the park. I grab for my camera. With all the yelling, the badger does not stay long.

I walk around the park hoping to get a picture but it is gone. I take pictures of a blue jay instead. I tell John. He gives me a look of disbelief. I get out my animal book. Yep, that is what I saw. A badger was running around the park.

Campground: Highview Campground

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