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Ivan explored the little town of Tournon where we were docked



Gate in the old wall

Walled cities are fun to explore...

Kirche St. Julian

Meanwhile I went to a fine chocolate factory store

It was most generoous with its samples!

Tain l'Hermitage is famous for its red wines



Seen on the side of a building I walked past

N7 is the main road to Paris; this car didn't make it

Unknown trees on the way to the winery

We picked & ate luscious apricots off the tree

Chardonnay grapes starting to turn

Ivan saw this along the Rhone River

He took an evening walk into Viviers

It is a charming country town from the Middle Ages

He and his group wandered the old streets


And climbed to the fortress on the hill

Postcard picture-like view of Viviers as lights come on


Another hot day! Once again Ivan preferred to explore on his own while I took the boat's guided tour. He explored the little town of Tournon where we were docked.

I rode a bus to 3 sights in or near Tain l'Hermitage:

1) a chocolate factory shop that was very generous with its dark chocolate samples. I had a sugar high by 10:00 A.M.

2) a French art gallery Paintings from 1945-1965) in a lovingly restored old 16th century stone home with a tiny courtyard.

3) A winery tour and tasting. None of the 3 dry wines were to my liking but I enjoyed the breads to clear the palate and the 2 delicious fresh apricots right off the tree in the yard!

At 9:00 P.M. Ivan went on a guided walk to see the little medieval town of Viviere. As it involved a lot of steep stone steps I elected to stay on the boat and continue blogging.(He returned saying it was a very charming old town but I was wise to not go.)

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