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Lets see how well you know trucking lingo. I will describe what we've done and you can see if you follow along. (It really isn't that hard)

Back to work on July 16. A walmart local delivery out of Lewiston, ME distribution center (DC) to 3 Walmarts, N. Oxford MA, Groton, CT and Westerly, RI. (I NEVER would have thought there were so many walmart in the Northeast until we started doing this local delivery stuff)

Then we deadheaded to downtown Boston that night for a 11pm pickup at North Coast Seafood. Delivery in Wisconsin for the next day....1089 miles. After that we picked up that night in Belvidere, IL with 2 drops at Walmart DC's in Pottsville, PA for 7/20 and Johnstown, NY for 7/21. I believe that was cheese we delivered. Next day Picking up at Hood in Oneida, NY, 79 empty miles, 366 loaded for delivery the next day at Walmart DC in Lewiston, ME. Milk products. This time out was a combination of quick running or nights of sleep. Not that bad, it doesn't burn you out. After that we just stayed close to home doing local deliveries out of Lewiston to New England stores and back again until we couldn't stand it anymore. Running the northeast is wearing on the soul! Had to get home for Josh and Bethany's return, our summer trips to Fort Kent and Acadia National Park and a family wedding!

The only things I remember from the short time out(only 10 days) was how dry the ground was in Wisconsin, the severe storm that came thru, turning the sky black and hitting the shippers building with lightening which caused problems with paperwork, delaying our release time and how nice US highway 30 is now, between Lake Station, IN area all the way to Mansfield, OH. Much better than taking the toll road across I-80 and MUCH cheaper for us too, even with the extra miles. I like taking the "poor man's road". All four lane. Once a load is done, it's forgotten in my mind. Next was visiting with family in St. Agatha, Maine near Fort Kent. Found a wonderful place called Lakeview Restaurant/Campground. The restaurant was packed nightly......great food. The place was up high on a hill overlooking Long Lake, just a few miles from the St. John River and Maine's northern border. The neat thing about RVing is all the wonderful new friends you make! We enjoyed the old fashioned Maine hospitality, fresh air and great visits with our daughter in laws family. Such a great time and we look forward to returning again! Didn't see any moose but there are TONS of ATV trails, more than regular paved roads in that part of Maine. The fields of buckwheat were almost ready to harvest. I learned about Ployes.

A ploye is a pancake type mix of buckwheat flour, wheat flour, baking powder and water which is extremely popular in the Madawaska region (New Brunswick), Canada and northern Maine, United States.

Much like grits, or potatoes, the ploye was originally a simple carbohydrate filler food for the local population. It was very cheap, easy to make, and with local toppings, such as maple syrup or cretons, could vary in taste. This staple is often eaten with baked beans. Over time however it simply became a traditional dish.

The recipe varies from family to family and is handed down through the generations. The batter itself is very thin and runny so as to ensure it does not get too "thick" while cooking. The "ploye" resembles a crêpe in thickness when cooking. In Madawaska county N.B. the ploye have a yellow color due to the type of buckwheat used in the mixture.

A ploye, contrary to a pancake, is only cooked on one side (but some turn it over after for a few seconds). Once cooked, it is buttered, and covered in maple syrup, brown sugar, molasses or cretons. It is then rolled or folded up and eaten.

And for those who need it, it's gluten free! :)

Next it was off to Acadia to ride the carriage trails on our bikes with Josh, who spent a couple days there with us, and visit friends we made from Florida's campground last winter; and some new friends the last campground! Mark and Norma had never been to Maine and I think they now see what a special place coastal Bar Harbor area truly is. We loved showing them around and enjoy the island with them. The weather has been great. Even up in "The County" it was in the 80's. Acadia was no different. During a kayak trip in a small bay we saw harbor seals, loons and eagles. Even though it was a HOT day, sticking your hands and feet in the consistent 50ish degree ocean water around Acadia cooled you off quite quickly. We also went on a 2 hrs sailboat ride on the Margret Todd, a gorgeous 4 masted vessel, whose light brown sails adorn Frenchmans Bay throughout the summer as she glides along. We have watched her for years and decided to "do the tourist thing". Bar Harbor area is truly a popular destination worldwide. Yachts from the Cayman Island, families flying in from southern Texas to spend 10 days in the area, people from all over come here to experience the beautiful coastline, delicious seafood and hiking/biking trails of varying intensity. It's my favorite place in America. You can fall asleep on the rocks, listening to the crashing waves and not worry about a thing. I miss it already.

After returning with our "home" back to our property, Jim set to work on his next projects. Building a dog house for James Bond (Ben & Fon's Alaskan Malamute), building a well house for mom and a movable deck for the camper. All in just a few days. Well, one out of 3 isn't bad. The truck needed to get to CB Kenworth for this annual checkup, $3k worth of repairs. Not too bad for an old girl. Still going strong.

We have spent an awful lot of time playing in Maine rather than working this year. It's time to make some money and put some miles on. Hard work just makes you enjoy vacations more. We actually are looking forward to going out and seeing the country again and making a living. Vacation was wonderful while it lasted and it seemed like a month rather than 2 weeks.

It's hard to believe it is already August! The time has flown! Enjoy the rest of the summer and the fresh, yummy garden veggies! We may have to get one going next year for family to share and use. The blackberries at Fon's were bursting with flavor! What a treat! And the local, wild Maine blueberries in the pie we had were delicious! What a bounty! Only 5 weeks of work than the Common Ground Fair! I like having something to look forward to!

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