Summer 2012 travel blog

We drove to Duluth today. The bridge from superior to duluth is closed on the northbound side as repairs are made to prevent the type of failure that occurred in Minneapolis several years ago. The harbor is very active with ships going and coming. One attraction is the aerial lift bridge with a walkway across and lighthouses on piers on each side. We drove to the sky harbor airport that has a seaplane base at the end of Minnesota point. Wisconsin point is just across the harbor. We then took the north shore scenic railroad from the depot to Lester river. The train stopped about 2/3 into the trip and another engine was brought up to pull it back to the depot. This train had an open car, a/c cars a sky dome car and an old style car. The ride was scenic. We also went through the rr museum with an extensive collection of cars and engines including the William crooks steam engine placed in service in 1862, a logging car, wrecker car and snow plows. The museum has a street of 22 replica shops from 1910 Duluth and an old streetcar as part of the display.

We are in the Northland.

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