Di & Terry's Winter Holiday 2012/14 travel blog

Jabiru Storks in the caravan park

Hanging around for a feed

Type of bullock wagon that left those tracks

Self explanatory

Bird tree?

Hundreds of them

Before we left Barcaldine yesterday morning, we called into the local museum. Tom Leckie was there, still entertaining people with his stories and jokes. He recognised us and came over to say hi, and then proceeded to tell everyone how the bus load he had the day before (of which we were a part of) entertained him all day. Don't know how, 'cause it's hard to get a word in edgewise with Tom.

Going back to the aboriginal rock carvings, Tom has taken people from all over the world out to study them. He showed us one particular carving that was also found at a North American site. Measurements are identical, and no one can explain why. He has been going out there for over twenty years with different aboriginal elders and he is very knowledgeable himself about the subject.

Arrived in Longreach in time for lunch, then hightailed it down to the Qantas museum and display. Toured the museum, hanger display, Boeing 707 and Jumbo 747. Inside and out. Impressive! Managed to get out just before they closed the doors.

Home for tea and set the TV up so Di could watch the Olympics.

Picture wasn't much good, bit fuzzy. When I got up this morning and turned it on again to get the swimming results, I noticed that the antennae wasn't plugged in. Generally when I set it up and pass the lead trough the window, Di plugs it in. Didn't happen this time. Needless to say, that with it plugged in the picture improved somewhat. Of course I shouldered all the blame for that mishap.

Today it was the Stockman Hall of Fame. Information overload! Took a pass out and came home for lunch and then back again to tackle the rest of it.

Back to it again tomorrow for the Stockman Show at 11.00am and then we head for Winton.

Have to get up to and through Cloncurry before the Rodeo this weekend. No accommodation sites left this Frid, Sat & Sun nights

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