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Route 12

Coyote - Turn Around!


Powder River

Not a Mile Wide Today


After the Roundup


Waiting for a Picture


Not Sure I See It

Route 7

Route 7



Windmill Part

North Dakota Interstate

North Dakota Interstate

This will be our last day in Montana. Montana has been a major stop for us as we travel east. It is a big state. We never traveled across southern Montana before. We call this earning our state sticker on the side of the RV. We have now seen a lot of Montana.

We look at the map. The Interstate goes northeast and follows the Yellowstone River. On the other hand, we can take Route 12 east and Route 7 north. That did not take long to decide.

We have breakfast in Miles City. The downtown area prides itself on maintaining the feel of an old western town. Many at breakfast are wearing blue jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hat. Their belts have a silver buckle and a cell phone. On the outskirts of town, we find the “box” stores. Times do change.

We know immediately that Route 12 is the right choice for us. It is a good road. There is little traffic. We can travel at our own pace and stop when we want. We consider taking this route further east but it dips too far to the south.

We see a small coyote along the side of the road. I get a picture from behind as it trots away. We see many hawks. One is carrying its breakfast. We see antelope. We stop for a picture of a donkey that is standing by the highway.

The scenery reminds us that we are nearing Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We visited the park in 2007 and again in 2010. Today feels like we are back in the park. This is a beautiful part of the country.

We stop at several historic sites. These stops are always entertaining.

We will overnight in Medora, North Dakota. We will not visit the national park again. There is a famous cowboy revue here but it starts at 8:30. We decided in 2010 that 8:30 was a little late for us! Tomorrow we will move east to Bismarck.

Campground: Medora Campground

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