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July 28, 2012

Today we had 2 issues—the 1st we discovered after a couple of KMs and the 2nd was discovered on the steps of our Hotel in Zwolle.

The first issue was when I pulled out my camera to catch a perfectly framed photo opportunity---and the camera flashed: no “juice”, so all day we rode with numerous photo opportunities and no camera.

Our ride had 3 parts today. Our first ride was through a forest like Stanley Park-large trees and under brush consisting of ferns. The 2nd part was through a dark forest—we felt like a couple of Hobbits heading towards the Dark Lord (or was that in Harry Potter?) The 3rd part was through a rich farming area – multiple dairy operations (albeit none as large as the one that Marty is going to inherit in NZ). Speaking of NZ, we saw much sheep and goats.

Some of trails were large paved roads and others were narrow single track weaving between farms.

Last night it poured all night and although it threatened to rain all day, we were lucky and dodged the rain. It was very pleasant compared to yesterday being 30 with high humidity.

Our trip was 67 KMS (2200 calories).

I have attached pics of our actual trip instructions (navigational notes) and a sample of the signposts that we are following. It is very simple to follow the specified routes.

The 2nd issue is that when we arrived at the Hotel we (meaning Al) realized that we (meaning Al) had forgotten the Trip Vouchers—all is good—they have been faxed to our Hotel and to our next Hotel tomorrow.

We are staying at Zwolle, which has a population of about 120,000. It has been around since the Bronze Age. Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia—what is interesting is the comment about the Canadian soldier:

At least as early as 1911, Zwolle had a considerable trade by river, a large fish market, and the most important cattle market in the Netherlands after Rotterdam. The more important industries comprised cotton manufactures, iron works, boat-building, dyeing and bleaching, tanning, rope-making, and salt-making. During World War II, Zwolle was single-handedly liberated by Private Leo Major, a Canadian soldier from Montreal.

Bruce asked us to explore if there are any NL liqueurs—I can confirm that I have had a number of glasses of Port (with great cheese plates) but alas, the bartender tonight advised that there are no real NL after dinner drinks. BUT I will continue to research.

Al & Sue

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