2012 Breckenridge CO & Jackson Hole, WY in LUCY travel blog

Even though we arrived home on Saturday, July 7th, today is the 1st day I am able to sit down and reflect on the trip. As you may have noticed, the last week in Wyoming and our trip back our thoughts were limited. We were just so damn busy with class, and traveling back we did not take the time you deserve to reflect on the trip. Additionally, we have been busy catching up since getting home. Today I just finished cutting the grass and cleaning up trees and limbs brought down during a storm we had while we were in Wyoming. I took "Big D" on a three day road trip to fix penny machines and collect $ (I ended up going to an emergency room in Lexington, VA for some sort of insect bite infections that was scary, but turned out OK). Cindy had to go to DC for some contract work that same week. We took LUCY out again for a couple days to Western Pennsylvania with the Calhoun Grand boys for the week of July 16th. We went to Benner's Campground near Farmington, PA for three days with Grant and Adam, but gave up Grant to his Dad for a scout camp they were attending in the same area. We met Penny there and endured three days of rain and storms - but we still had fun playing cards, going out to breakfast, and an unscheduled trip to Ohiopyle when the rain let up. Returned home Saturday July 21st after going to a family birthday party that afternoon near Mt. Pleasant, PA. Monday the 23rd I picked up the Hoffman Grand boys (they were with us for a while in Colorado and Wyoming) and took them penny machine collecting into Canaan Valley, West Virginia, continued to Pittsburgh and picked up the Calhoun boys for a couple days while their mother Heidi went into the hospital for a SUCCESSFUL neck surgery event. Add domestic work around the house, C&O Canal Bike Patrol, Masonic meeting, some idiot who did a hit and run on a street sign in our development - (My investigative skills found the bad guy and I was able to collect $350.00 for the sign) and you have our life up to date. Almost!

Cindy is going out to Denver again for some contract work, then she is flying back to Philadelphia where I will meet her for the annual The Elongated Collectors (TEC) meeting being held in Philly on August 10th and visit our dear friend Bernie in NJ for a couple days. I will be going to Lewistown in LUCY in mid-August 21st - 24th to do volunteer work for the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & History Society (PRRT&HS).

Penny just traded-in her A-Liner trailer and purchased a new lightweight Gulfstream Trailer, better suited for her needs. Looking forward to doing a little camping with her as she adjusts to her new unit.

Final thoughts - 6 weeks on the road is alot (saving grace it was not all in the RV) A week in Breckenridge and 10 days in a cabin in Jackson, WY really helped with the trip. We would do it again in a moments notice because we enjoyed the family bounding with Beth and the boys, Virginia and Sandy in Breckenridge and Penny and Mom camping. We enjoyed the learning and fellowship we had with Mike (and his dad) and John, Shawn and the girls in the Photo Class. I tried to keep a log of how many miles we traveled and the amount of fuel we consumed, but just could not take the time to go through the statistics. The interesting thing is the cost of fuel ranged from $4.09 per gallon to a little less than $3.10 a gallon in the 6 week time period. We saw or were impacted by two major forest fires in Colorado and Wyoming, temperatures ranging from the low 30's to the high 90's, hardly saw or experienced any rain, experienced seeing a range of wild life, hiking miles at a time at altitude of 10,000 plus feet or more (another first) and happy to share our experiences with our friends and family through the magic of this blog.

We are planning our next trip as we speak and that will take us out to the south west and a SCUBA trip to Bonaire. We'll let you know when it takes place.

Thanks again, Love Ed & Cindy Calhoun

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