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Lower Dam


Busy River

Let's Go

Captain Gets Ready

Look For Fish Jumping

First Fish

Rainbow Trout

Fish On

Brown Trout


Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Keep Fishing

Busy Day

Bent Rod

I'll Wait

Lots Of Fish

Close Up


Time To Measure

Another Fish

I Need A Rest!

Back To Work



Just Another Fish!

Had Enough?

Crank Away

Great Day, Captain

Sometimes we are lucky. My one concern today is the heat. Our 8:00 starting time seems a little late. It gets hot in Montana.

We arrive in Fort Smith early. We eat breakfast and are ready to go. It is overcast and looks like rain. It never rains here! For us, the weather is perfect. It is cool and overcast for most of the day. By the time it gets hot, we are ready to leave.

We launch the boat below the lower dam. The lower dam is a smaller dam below the Yellowtail Dam. The fish are biting! John catches one Rainbow Trout and then lots of Brown Trout. Brian, our captain keeps rowing us back upstream and we repeatedly drift the same section.

We finally move to our second drift area. I can still see the dam. This spot is just as good as the first! There are many people fishing the Bighorn River. Some are in drift boats and some are wading. I see some fish caught but John is catching one after another.

We eventually move on down the river. It is a three-mile float trip. John is now catching Rainbow Trout. He also catches a whitefish but Brian is not thrilled. The whitefish is a native fish that eats trout eggs.

I am not sure if we should give credit to our captain, John, the new fly rod or John’s Lucky Shirt. Whatever the reason, John has a great day fishing the Bighorn River in Montana!

Campground: 7th Ranch RV

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