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Statue by the train station

The Cardiff Castle clock

The Norman Keep

On the grounds at the castle

Peacocks on the castle grounds

fireplace in Cardiff castle

decor at the Castle

Bird's eye view in the Keep

one of the many angels lining the ceiling in the Great Hall...

Sent to the Stockades

This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Lisa and I took a train to Cardiff and walked the market, ate at the mall, and then went to the Cardiff Castle. This site has been a Roman Garrison, a Norman stronghold and then was reconstructed during Victorian times. After a while, many castles look like just more of the same, but this one was designed like none other I've seen. There was a lot of unusual stained glass, very orate ceilings, and the inlaid wood and carvings were unique. The grounds were so big that many families picnicked there, played ball or frisbee, and one young man had an owl that was trained to eat from his hand. Peacocks roamed the yard and seagulls swooped around the castle. The Norman Keep featured over 100 steps to the top. Of course, we accepted the challenge and the view was amazing.

We got back in time to have dinner with Chuck, Patsy, and Mike at a fancy local restaurant. Creme brûlée for desert...delish!

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