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Montana Sunset

Montana Sunset

RV Park

National Recreation Area

Yellowtail Dam

Bighorn River and Canyon

Violet-Green Swallow

Violet-Green Swallow

Bighorn River

Fishing Tomorrow




I reread yesterday’s report. I was tired. I watched a beautiful sunset last night. I got a good night’s sleep. I feel like a cowgirl again!

Today, we drive to Fort Smith. It is within our range for fishing. We see a live skunk. We never see a live one!

In Fort Smith, we find three fly-fishing shops. There are plenty of guides available but there are no half-day trips. We talk it over. The fishing is good. We would kick ourselves if we left Montana without fishing! We are going fishing tomorrow.

We switch into sightseeing mode. We head to the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. The Recreation Area is in both Montana and Wyoming. The focus of the area is the 71-mile-long Bighorn Lake created by the Yellowtail Dam. There is no road connecting the north and south areas.

We are at the north end of the recreation area with the arch-type 525-foot Yellowtail Dam. We visit the Yellowtail Dam Visitor Center. I get a stamp. We watch a movie.

The reservoir behind the dam is contained in the steep Bighorn Canyon walls. There is a ten-mile drive to the only marina at the north end. We try it but the climbing does not seem worth the effort. Fortunately, we will be fishing tomorrow outside the recreation area on the Bighorn River below the dam.

We have lunch in Fort Smith. The cook is from Sicklerville, NJ.

We head back to the RV Park We need to rest up for tomorrow.

Campground: 7th Ranch RV

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