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Well not much to report this time. We did struggle to leave our gorgeous, riverside spot at Boulia. We wound down well and truly and enjoyed an assortment of neighbours (except for the ones that parked so close to us that they ran over our fire and we could not get out if we had needed to - idiots - and that is not what Barry called them!!!).

The last couple (Ros and Malcolm) were really interesting and we have swapped addresses and we have been invited to visit them if we go to the Lockyer Valley and they want to come to Tasmania for three months, so have been invited to catch up with us too.

On Wednesday we went in to the town to explore - did not take long lol! We went to the museum and the elderly gentleman that runs it (Dinosaur Dick) was trying to have a sleep! We showed the right amount of interest in the fossils (all a bit of a yawn for me!) the rest of the museum was interesting.

Then we checked out the pub - well that was an experience. They say go to the pub and meet the locals - yep right! We were the only ones in there and the barmaid was a one sylable (sp?) kind of person!

Back to the river we went and yesterday morning got are act together and pulled on out. We had planned to spend the night at Middleton, between Boulia and Winton. We pulled up and took one look and carried on driving. Further than we wanted to go, but we made it to Winton before dark and had enough time for Barry to down 1 and a half pints of guinness before we found the free camp at the waterhole.

Quiet night and we are up and about, ready to wander around the waterhole and see who is here. We really like Winton, so are looking forward to spending a day here. By arriving at Winton we have completed a big circle that we started last year.

We have a couple of ideas of what next, but no decisions made. The only definate is going back to Barcaldine so we can stay at Roses again and catch up with the human cartoon character and his lovely wife.

Ok time for walk.

Over and out,

M & B xx

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