Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

from the roof top of bacpackers inK.L

same spot

these the talles in the world

one for frank

art market




all across the highlands jungle are these out crops

mamagement accomerdation on the plam oil plantations

new,old and jungle

at last rice paddies

and another

well it has been a few days and are now Batu Ferringi which is an Island of Penang in the North it was a 4 hour bus ride from K.L up Thur the high lands jungle then back down to the island their is a 14 kiloment bridge to the island. yesterday i went parasailing out in the bay it was fun but differly a one of. The food has so far been good but because of the heat,having been eating a lot so are hopefully losing the kilos so far i have had no hearth problems. I an finding traveling on my own in Malaysia hard work but that will teach me that I an a overweight,unfit and getting old.can't wait to get on the boat now where some else has worry of getting us their and i only have get up and eat 3 meals a day. every morning they sweep the leaves up of the sand and rake the beach but no one scenes responsible for the rotting rubbish on the street side which you have to cross to get to the beach. So far the backpackers have been very clean all for now hope you are well.

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