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Little Bighorn

Signage Along the Battlefield


Little Bighorn River


Another Way to Tour



Is That A Tree?

We take our time this morning. We are moving about 1 ½ hour to the southeast. It is an easy drive but on the Interstate. There is a whole lot of emptiness out here.

At the RV Park, we gather information. We are close to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. We decide to spend our afternoon here.

We check in at the Visitor Center. There are bus tours but the first one today is at 2:00. This does not work for us.

We do things in reverse. We drive the battlefield first. We watch the movie second.

I would like to say that I had an emotional reaction to being here but I did not. Maybe, it is a little too crowded. Maybe, I should have joined a ranger walk. Maybe, I have not read enough ahead of time. Maybe, I am a little tired. Maybe, I need to see some pine trees. Still, I am glad we stopped here.

Tomorrow, we will check out the fishing on the Bighorn River.

Campground: 7th Ranch RV

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