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Western Heritage Center

Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River

We want to visit Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. It is an hour to the southeast. We do not feel like driving that far today. After breakfast and Wal-Mart, we head to Cabela’s. “How is the fishing?” “Excellent.”

We ask about a float trip. The excellent fishing is on the Yellowstone River near Livingston that is an hour to the west. We are on the Yellowstone River but the excellent fishing is not here. Great!

There is also excellent fishing on the Bighorn River that is to the southeast. We check Woodall’s. We are relocating tomorrow to a campground near Little Bighorn. We will try to access the excellent fishing from there. We will figure something out!

We decide to make the most of our day in Billings. We read our brochures. Billings is not crowded. It is easy for us to get around.

We visit the Western Heritage Center. This is a very small museum. We do not spend much time here. We visit YAM (Yellowstone Art Museum.) They are renovating. Two galleries are open. We do not spend much time here.

We head back to the RV Park. Today is a good day to get organized. Tomorrow, we relocate.

Campground: Billings KOA

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