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Mule Deer Cross The Road


Windmills & Construction

Windmills & Construction

Windmills & Construction

More Windmills

Hay Bales

More Construction

We relocate today. We are on the road by 8:00. We expect to have 3 ½ hours of driving. We are wrong.

The roads are straight. The scenery is fine. Unfortunately, there is a lot of road construction. John asks me if we are back in Alaska. The good news is that everyone has to slow down to our speed. The bad news is that it adds over an hour of time in the RV. We are at the RV Park before 1:00 but it is all driving time.

Not much to report about the drive. We are on a lot of gravel and the tires are fine. We see some antelope and some mule deer cross the road in front of us. We see a lot of windmills and hay bales. We travel through a few small towns and see large ranches. There is a lot of open country in Montana!

Campground: Billings KOA

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