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Another Grantsville????

We made it

Dad has put enough careful time and effort into the tripjournal, so he left the last entry all to me. According to him, there wasn't really anything interesting to tell about the last day since it was so short. I beg to differ! So get ready for some random (and possibly boring) details that I feel the need to share haha.

Boy was I happy to be getting out of Sutton! The breakfast at the hotel was meager and crowded. That probably contributed to our earlier start on the road. We actually left before 10am, which was basically like a miracle for us. Dad suggested we wait until we were out of Sutton before gassing up, definitely fine be me! At the gas station a few towns over dad heard my catchphrase for the trip yet again, “Get in the car!” He said he was “going to the bathroom"...a likely story. But when he didn’t come out for 5+ minutes I knew something was up. The thought of leaving him behind crossed my mind a few times. Fortunately, he came out not too long later with a bag of chips. He’s lucky that this was the last day and we had time to spare or else. Okay, just a disclaimer: of course I’m joking. I love my dad and would never leave him behind, even much as he likes to take his sweet time browsing gas station mini marts :P

We were on the home stretch and very happy about it. Crossing into the state of my new home, we stopped the car and got pictures of me under the welcome sign. Of course Welcome to Maryland was the most important sign of the whole trip. We even got a honk of approval (or disapproval?) from a passing truck.

We stopped in Cumberland, MD for a bite to eat. The Crabby Pig sounded fun and unique. It was a little challenge to find, but we did it. And boy was it a good idea and worth the effort. The fish sandwich I got was very yummy and dad’s pulled pork sandwich had a special tasty flavor to it. (Can you tell by now that food is a big deal to me and dad?)

We continued on to Hagerstown. I felt very proud that I didn’t even need directions to the house once we got off the freeway. That’s how many times I’ve been to Hagerstown :) We rolled up to Aunt Micki and Uncle Ron’s house where they were happily waiting and greeted use with some family love. Dad was also happy to be informed that there were some cool Dogfish Head IPAs waiting for him in the fridge. And Uncle Ron cooked an excellent welcome to MD dinner: complete with homemade crab cakes and Maryland farm fresh corn yummmm. Aunt Micki whipped up some extra tasty coleslaw from Grandma Bomze's recipe. That was a nice treat, especially since we had just been through Albion and thinking about her.

Well, the journey is over. It was quick, tiring, frustrating at times, but VERY fun; I’m glad we did it. Although we get on each other’s nerves at times, it was a great way to get across the country and spend some welcomed quality father-daughter time together.

3,000+ miles and 12 states in 6 days…a little arguing…some good local food..and a whole lotta love!

Yeah..a little mushy/corny but I couldn’t help myself :)

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