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Well I decided to stay in Guatemala a little longer so I needed to take a trip to Mexico to extend my visa for another 90 days and wait for it to cool off a bit back home. A friend that I met at the Black Cat would take the trip with me to check out Comitan and San Cristobal. The trip would start out like most with a shuttle ride slam full of people to the Terminal to catch a chicken bus slam full of even more people for our 6 hour trip to the Mexican border. Now the chicken buses are not for everyone, but they are cheap and always seem to be an adventure of it's own. The first bus would take us to Huehuetenango about 3 hours away where we would catch the next bus to the Mexican border.

After about another 3 hours and moments of my life passing in front of me because of the wannabe race car (bus) driver we arrived at the Guatemalan border. Now, I expected there to be some imaginary line and armed guards but it was nothing of the sort. We had to take a tuk-tuk ride about a mile or so from where the bus dropped us off to check out of Guatemala. Then once we were cleared it was about a 5 mile taxi ride to the Mexican side to check in with immigration there. The border crossing was easy as pie and outside of the Mexican immigration office there was a bus terminal where we would catch a shuttle for our final leg to Comitan.

2 hours later we arrived at one more bus terminal and then caught a cab to the hotel where we would stay for the evening. The hotel was not the best but would do for the night and after traveling all day I was just glad to be in Comitan. After a quick shower it was time for a bite to eat and to check out the center of town. Now, it’s always fun going to a new place because you never now what to expect and like most of the places I have visited so far I was pleasantly surprised once again. If we had gotten there a little bit earlier we would have seen some of Mexico’s finest Mariachi players in action, but as the saying goes “a day late and a dollar short” so we would have to settle on some tacos and a few cervezas which was just fine with me.

The next day we took in some of the town and would find one more van to shuttle us off to San Cristobal where we would spend the next evening. Now, San Cristobal is more of a touristy spot, just as pretty as Comitan but much bigger. We spent most of the day walking around and buying street food from some of the local vendors. In the interest of keeping this blog short and my readers interested I will fast forward to the following day and our trip to CASCADAS EL CHIFLON about 3 hours away. This place was not actually on our list of places to see but a last minute trip to a local tour office and we were soon on a bus headed that way and the Lagos de Montebello soon after. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story for that day but besides the hours spent on the bus getting to these places I was glad we went.

The bus we took started in San Cristobal but our trip ended south of Comitan so on the way back to San Cristobal we had the driver drop us off in Comitan where we would spend one more night at a much nicer hotel. Since we had already been to Comitan we knew the lay of the land and this evening felt a little less stressful than the first.

I wanted to get back to Xela for my classes on Monday so we made it an early night and did the reverse of the way to Mexico. It’s now about 8pm Sunday evening so I will end this blog with a goodnight my friends. I plan on being a good boy for the next few weeks while I get back to my Spanish lessons so stay tuned for my next update. Nighty night!

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