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feeding the dear






proteninall toe cutter

















no i didn;t ride on it

swining with the elephants


well had a interesting day today went on a day trip up to the highlands about2 hours N E of K.L up in the jungle their little of the old jungle left first the rubber trees and now palm oil trees are taking over, the tea plantations are further north in the highlands. It is ramadan over here so most of the drivers don't eat from before sun up till after the sun goes down . it is the first time i done over 400 ks with a driver nearly asleep the whole time from lack of food and water.made the day interesting as their was cars,buses and trucks going of the road every where. their was only two of us in our van she was from south America and was a roading engineer, yes she would have been a good toe nail cutter. you will see from the photos what the sanctuary was like, no i didn't ride on the elephant or go swimming with then. the next day,today has been a rest day i have done their little action stuff.

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