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hotel foyer Meson Del Valle


El Arco



family of musicians

so much 'stuff' so little room to carry anything

local costume


La Merced

church square

monestary ruins

section still in use

street view

Meson del Valle

my room


hotel garden


main square

Catedral - main square


San Francisco church


San francisco ruins

San Francisco ruins

streetscape - old and new

Santa Domingo - hotel and monestary ruins


bell instrument

Mayan excavations at the now hotel

street market and ruins of another church

our first Intrepid group dinner


So nice to have had some time to myself. Forced myself to stay in bed at my hotel, Mason Del Valle, until around 9am before heading out for breakfast and a look around the town. Checked out a couple of churches and saw a pretty wedding in one of the big ones. Next door was the ruins of the church annex with a huge pond - no water and a couple of large rooms which were being prepared for the wedding party - a really great setting and I could imagine the kids playing in the old fountain. The next morning after breakfast at my hotel...large bowl of fruit with yogurt, two large pancakes followed by a plate with two scrambled eggs, two sausages, two small spring rolls, refried beans, and tomato!!! I ate a few bites and then apologised to the cook. It was Sunday so I headed out and visited about 6 or 8 churches not sure as some of them were ruins with no explanations. One of the ruins Santa Domingo, had been turned into a 4 or 5* hotel with all the old wall forming part of the structure and a large area that had been excavated and maintained. For once a new place complemented the old and enabled them to be kept for posterity. Joined my new group - not as good a place to stay but it was OK. A full tour with 16 people a nice diverse lot - two young couples from Ireland and Canada, an older couple from New Zealand, Austrian, German and Spanish females, 2 18yr old girls from a posh English school nice girls tho, middle aged Aussie from Perth travelling with American from LA, Halli from NY,with the full accent and mannerisms and Dave from England of these half are teachers. It being the northern hemisphere summer break. Had a long bus trip from Antigua across the border to Copan in Honduras.

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