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First Glimpse of the Rockies

Roadside Giant

In Clearwater

Great Road

Can I Get A Ride?

We Make It!

The Pass

East of the Rockies

We Leave the Rockies Behind US

We Look to the East


Bird Rock



I Like Hay Bales!

We know we are going to Great Falls today. We know we will cross the Continental Divide today. We still have two choices. We can take the Interstate or Scenic Route 200. Scenic Route 200 wins!

The route is beautiful. We follow the Blackfoot River. To my surprise, we gradually climb. I keep an eye on the elevation. Can crossing the divide be this easy?

We see a roadside giant in Clearwater Junction. “Do you want to turn around?” “No, that’s okay. Wait, there is a turnout!” Around we go. It has been awhile since we have done this. I am sure I saw this in my Roadside Giants Book.

We pass through the town of Lincoln before we arrive at the divide. I would stay here.

We reach Rogers Pass. It is 5610 feet in elevation. It is almost anticlimactic! Crossing the Continental Divide can be this easy. We like this route better than Route 2.

The scenery changes now that we are east of the Rocky Mountains. Everything is brown instead of green. We still love the route. We see historic markers. We pull over.

We arrive at a beautiful KOA in Great Falls. After checking in, we head to the CVS that is two miles away. John’s prescription is ready. We find lunch at a Montana restaurant chain that we discovered in Missoula. The restaurant is located on the Missouri River. Lewis and Clark, we are back!

It looks like Great Falls is our next base camp. There are places here that we wish to visit. There is entertainment every night at the park, a cafe and a nature walk. What more can we want?

Campground: Great Falls, MT

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