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We say goodbye to our friends, now close, and to Sonderborg and...

We take a ferry to the island province of Fyn on our...

Lidwien and I are looking forward to the rest of the trip....

Our first fairytale castle. Egeskov, on the road to Odense.

Egeskov Castle is everything a renaissance castle is supposed to be.

There are collections of vintage cars, planes and antique toys.

At Odense, we visit the home of Hans Christian Andersen and the...

The best story is the one of H. C. Andersen's life. A...

Leaving Sonderborg and our close friends, Bent and Vivi, was difficult but we've made them promise to visit us in Sydney one day. In any case, there is much yet to see and do and they can't join us on the next part of the trip.

We take a ferry across the strait between Jutland and Fyn, two parts of Denmark. It takes about 45 minutes. We have been remarkably lucky with timely breaks in the weather during the whole trip. This was no exception. Even though clouds and rain surrouned us, we felt very little of it.

There is a lot to look forward to. We have had an amazing time so far and this has only been the very beginning of our adventure. Being able to share it with Rob and Riekie has made it even more special. They will continue with us until the end of the month. Then we'll be on our own for another two months. Wow!

Egeskov Castle was more or less on the way to Odense so we twisted Rob's arm and he took us that way. It had been recommended to us but until we got there, we had no idea of quite how spectacular it was.

It is a true renaissance water castle, the lind you imaging in fairytales. The grounds are immaculately kept and the castle itself is furnished exquisitely with original pieces. Despite this, it is open to the public.

Every room houses new surprises. The largest, and most intricately detailed dollhouse in the world is in one of the rooms upstairs. It was built by the castle's owner for his daughter.

There are collections of weapons hanging on the walls, heads of animals hunted over generations, and old paintings and tapestries from the renaissance period that literally cover the walls!

See for yourselves... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egeskov_Castle

In the attic is a collection of antique and vintage toys and in one of the enormous outbuildings, a large collection of vintage cars, and old and new aeroplanes.

We bought some trinkets at the little shop and stopped for lunch until a sudden downpour forced us back to the car. We drove on to Odense and visited the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. We read about his life in the museum and happened to arrive in time to see a show on a little outdoor stage.

The performance was quaint and incorporated snippets from many of Andersen's fairy stories and fables as well as songs made famous by the old movie starring Danny Kaye who, himself, was a great Dane.

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