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Well Monday found me back in Antigua--home once again! After two whole weeks of studying Spanish, I feel that Antigua is now my second home and I hate to leave to go back to Toronto. I am not the only one that feels this way, as most of the students that I saw Monday for the last time, feel the exact same way. They are the lucky ones however, they are staying longer. If I known it would be so much fun, that I would meet so many wonderful people, and have an amazing time I would have chosen to study for an entire month!!!!

My trip home started out smoothly. My mother would've been proud, as I showed up early in the lobby to meet my ride to the airport, he too was waiting to go! His reasons and my reasons were two different things as I was to find out! The traffic into the city is horrific!!! A normal ride from Guatemala City to Antiqua or reverse is about 40 minutes, an hour and a half later we arrived at the airport. We think Toronto , Vancouver and other cities around the world have terrible congestion, that then throw in chicken buses, motorcycles and pedestrians all going where ever whenever and at whatever speed they want-that is Guatemala City rush-hour-the driver said they have even made a song about the crazy drivers in the city--something to do with loco!!!

The airport check in, security and the flight to Miami all went smoothly. Miami airport however was another issue! It took an hour and a half to go through what seemed like endless circling back and forth in lines to go through passport control, security, and general mayhem! Had to gather your suitcases and read check in for my flight to Toronto. Well at least it killed an hour and a half of my four hour wait!

I must say the trip from Miami to Toronto left on time and was smooth and we arrived a few minutes early! I finally made it home at 1 AM.

My experience in a nutshell, I have had an experience of a lifetime and one that definitely will be repeated!



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