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We Enter Idaho

We Leave Idaho


This Is Interesting

The Rocky Mountains are in front of us again. We decide to take the Interstate to Missoula. I checked the route on map quest. This route requires a little more than three hours of driving today. We can do it.

I plug the campground address into the GPS. Oh no, it is a little more than four hours. How am I going to break this to John? Something must be wrong.

The time zone changes! The GPS knows that we will enter the Mountain Time Zone. I am glad I figured that out! We will lose an hour today.

The Interstate route is as scenic as an Interstate can be. We enter and leave Idaho. We see lots of mountains and pine trees. We cross Lookout Pass after entering Montana. None of the climbing is a strain. We follow the Clark Fork River. 15,000 years ago, an ice dam blocked this river in Idaho. This river backed up to form Lake Missoula.

The interstate is just not as much fun as the highways. We see a sign for an historic tree nursery. This is something new. Normally, we would check it out. The Interstate does not encourage you to go exploring!

Missoula is a large city. We will stay here two nights. I need to do the laundry. We still have not decided if Great Falls or Butte will be our next stop. In either case, we will tackle those Rockies!

Campground: Missoula KOA

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