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Church in village on way to springs



Way to springs

One of the springs

Waterfall near springs



Cool cemetary





View of the Indian Nose

On our way up

This one's for you Mom

View of Lake Atitlan from trail


Sign pointing the wrong way


Lookout from atop of the Indian Nose

On top




Well after my trip to Tikal I decided to head back to Xela where the weather isn't so hot and humid.After about a 16 hour trip I checked into the Black Cat where I would regroup and and visit my old school to return to my Spanish lessons.I got in after 2pm and when I went by my school there was noone there to talk with so I figured I would just go back in the morning.I was kinda tired from the long bus ride and wanted to take a nap but first I figured I'd stop in a Cantina that was close to my school for some of the coldest beers in town.My buddy Nick and I would go there most days after class and have a few cold ones and watch some of the locals peddle their goods or just take in the freak show this place can be at times.After a few cold ones I decided to grab a quick bite to eat and then head back to the Black Cat.When I got back to the Black Cat there where some people hanging out at the bar so I opted for another cold one instead of a nap.Fast forward a few hours we all decided to grab a bite to eat and then head to La Parranda for some Salsa dancing.The Parranda is mostly a Gringo bar and gets pretty crowded.I will save you from the boring details and the "Mexicano" that befriended me.

The following day we decided to go to these natural hotsprings about an hour away high atop a nearby mountain.The road there was full of farms and the local farmers picking their crops to sell at local markets.Once we arrived via the back of a pickup we made our way down to one of the springs less used by people.I wish it wasn't so foggy up there because my pictures do not do the place justice.All that I can say is that it had the feel of a lush rain forest.The springs are heated via the near by volcano and the hot water takes some getting used too.After a bit in the pools we made our way up to the much larger pools that most of the people use.By this time it was just to foggy and I could not get any pictures.But if you Google Fuentes Georginas I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about.

Later on that evening I took some friends to my Spanish school for a party that they were having but since we got there late the party was winding down and it was time to hit some of the local bars.We did a little bar hopping and ended up a place to watch a local band play.The bars close about 1 here and since a friend and I were headed to San Pedro in the morning we figured we grab some fine street food and call it a night,or so I thought.Now getting back to the "Mexicano".I forgot his name but the night before we meet him at another bar down the street from the bar La Rumba that he owns.He would wind up buying most of the drinks that night and had lots of stories to tell.As I'm standing down below La Rumba I hear someone calling my name,it was my new buddy the Mexicano.Now his bar is closed but there was still some people hanging out so he invited us up for a drink.I got the tour of the place and I will have to leave out certain details but I wasn't surprised by some of the stuff I saw.After about an hour or so with the Mexicano we decided to head to another bar called the Gay Bar which some of you may remember from my earlier blog.It seemed like that night was 3 or 4 nighs rolled into one but by 4am I was ready for bed.

Well the next day would consist of a couple different chicken bus rides that put us in San Pedro by 4pm Saturday.Our first stop would be my favorite place in San Pedro called D'Noz.I ran into some old friends who I was happy to see again and after lunch it was time to find a place to stay for the evening.Now after locating some lodging it happened to be my friends Birthday that day so it was off for a Birthday shot and to locate some of my old friends.After another fun filled night it was time to hit the sack for our long day ahead and climb up the Indian Nose.

The Indian Nose is across the lake and gets it name because the ridge line of the mountain looks like the profile of an Indians face.We took a Tuk-tuk to nearby San Juan for the 3km hike up some pretty steep trails.Now the man at the front told us just to keep going left when we came to intersections but that would not be true.There are no real signs marking the trails and the one sign we came across did us no good.After about 2 1/2 hours and some back tracking we made it to the top.As you can see from the pics it was worth it but I was glad we didn't have to hike any further.On the way down I grabbed a stick to help with balance but it just may have saved us from getting robbed.On our way down we encountered some men with machettes,some of whom were'nt so friendly.Now later on a friend we spoke with asked if we went with a guide and we said no.He looked shocked because he said it is common for people without a guide to get robbed so from now on I'm bringing a big stick hiking.I think they may have thought twice because of my size and the stick I was carrying.We decided to stay on more night in San Pedro and head back to Xela in the morning for our next trip to Mexico on Wednesday so I can renew my visa.

Well the following day we check out a nearby village named Jabalito on our way to Panajachel to catch a bus back t Xela.Jabalito is a small town with not much going on except a cool hotel called Casa del Mundo.After 3 or 4 buses we were back in Xela.We had a quick bite to eat from a local vendor and I was in bed soon after that.

Well I'm headed to Mexico on Wednesday so stay tuned!

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