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Coonabarabran - the locals call it Coona. We only had two days at Coona but packed a lot into those days.

We went driving in the "Warrumbungles" and found the Siding Spring Observatory, where experts study the planets from the biggest observatory in the southern hemisphere.

After a fairly long winding trip to the top of the mountain, we bought our tickets and walked up many, many steps to get in the lift which would take us up 4 flights to the top of the observatory. Of course, the lifts broke just as we got there so we had to climb the 120 stairs as I really wanted to see out the top. Then, at the top, oh no - you can't look out, you can only look at the telescope and lots of posters on the wall. I was less than impressed thinking about the climb downstairs so when a worker came along and offered to take us in the private lift, we jumped at the chance. I was thinking (if I could still talk after getting down) that I would demand our money back but didn't have to. My new knees worked good but didn't really like the work-out.

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