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LEGOLAND: Lego has used 60 million plastic blocks to construct a world...

This is the Lego version of the Royal Palace in Copenhagen.

The first thing we did, to get the lay of the land...

There are lots of amazing miniatures - all made out of regular...

Lego Mount Rushmore. They couldn't rush more making it as it took...

The Star Wars franchise and Lego have a longstanding relationship that has...

We found a miniature replica of a mill we had driven past...

Here is the original, standing majestically, overlooking the harbour city of Sonderborg.

LEGOLAND: Theme park, world of miniatures and much more.

Rob, Riekie, Lidwien and I drove (well Rob drove) to Billund, in the area of Ribe, Denmark. Legoland is there, right next to a giant water park. since the weather was a bit iffie, we gave the water park a miss and figured that Legoland would keep us busy most of the day. We were not mistaken.

The first thing that we did when we arrived was split up. Rob and Riekie had been there before and wanted to revisit some attractions and see some of the parts that had not been completed the last time they were there.

The first thing Lidwien and I did when we got inside was get on a ride that would take us around the park to get the lay of the land and to devise a plan of attack. In the old town in Aarhus we had taken a ride in a horse drawn coach. In this case, the monorail was the best option.

The central part of the park is crowded with miniatures, each remarkably detailed and accurate. The miniatures each had people crowded around and, as the day got underway, the number of people in the park became overwhelming. Despite the crowns and the correspondingly long waits to go on the rides - which we enjoyed immensely - there was always plenty to see and do. This included excellent food at a number of outlets withing the park.

Check out the entry for Copenhagen (Coming up). We get to visit the real palace and watch the guards patroling the square between the four main buildings. Rob said they don't ignore you if you pull faces at them, like the Grenadier guards at Buckingham Palace would. The Danish Queens Guard would just shoot you. I figured he was just joking but I wasn't going to lay my life on the line to find out!

Lots of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Whitehouse in Washington are recreated in miniature. Here is Mount Rushmore. The model is about three metres high and is mounted on some pretty realistic looking rock high above the pathway.

Three cheers for George Lucas. Star Wars Lego has been a big hit and the Lego models in the park reflect that success. There is even a model of Tattooine with a miniature cantina with a miniature alien jazz quintet that rock side to side as the famouse music plays in the background. "Doot doot dat doot doot doodie dat dah dah dah..." or something like that.

Lidwien and I even found a miniature windmill modelled after the one on the hill above Sonderborg. We had passed the mill a number of times and recognised it right away. Beside the picture of the Lego version, is the original. It stands majestically, its long arms waving down at the old harbour around which the city of Sonderborg has spread since the 13th century.

Legoland was a great way to spend the day. We all fell asleep in the car on the way back - except Rob, thankfully, as he was driving. We had a late dinner and went straight to bed and dreamed of yellow longies and those little Lego heads that somehow always got disconnected from the bodies of the little Lego men and women that we played with as kids.

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