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Small farmers market in Ashland


Downtown Ashland



Train depot that is now a office building

Steam Engine

You can see Lake Superior in the background.

Another mural.

Kids pie eating contest

Messy but fun!

It was declared a tie!

Bay Days on the lake.

Cheese curds

Eating cheese curds with a view.

Some 'Hunk' was going to be lifting these.

and maybe these?

Kids competing...pull two tires, roll back one tire and carry two gallon...

Rolling the tires.

Bay Days

Soo Line ore dock.

Loading chutes. Railroad on top, Barges below.

Hotel Chequamegon

Scenery between towns.

It rained last night. That's something we have seen very little of since we left home.

Today we took a drive around the Peninsula, covering Ashland and Bayfield County. This area is extreme northern Wisconsin with the Apostle Islands to the North and the towns of Ashland and Bayfield on Chequamegon Bay on the east.

In Ashland we stopped at the Farmers Market. Sadly to say that there were very few veggies or fruits. The drought has really hurt the farmers in the area. We did find some sweet corn and a cantaloupe later in day. We bought it off the tail gate of a truck. The area is popular for it's berries and orchards. Raspberries are easy to find. Both wild and commercial.

Ashland 'BayDays Festival' is this weekend. We stopped to walk around and watch the kids pie eating contest and try our first cheese curds. We then drove through town to look at the murals and check out the old buildings. The cities biggest landmark is being dismantled. The Soo Line ore dock, once used to load iron ore from train cars to massive ore carriers. It is a landmark reminiscent of the time when Ashland was a major port and industrial center, even the river is named the Iron River. Check out the is massive.

Bayfield is a quaint former fishing village. Bayfield provides ferry transportation to the Islands. It is a small tourist type town. We walked around and visited some of the scandinavian shops.

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