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So yesterday was my last class! A bittersweet day, saying good bye to classmates, my wonderful teacher, but celebrating an accomplishment that I actually did it! I studied, and feel more confident in speaking spanish(okay Spanglish)!

Some of "Los niños cool"went for lunch to celebrate! Delicious crepes at la Luna de Miel( honeymoon)....I had to have a Parisian crepe to celebrate the new arrival( she's part français)!!

After our lunch we went to Pastores to get my new shoes and boots. A bunch of different people went along for "the ride" and what a ride- with so many gringos on board the driver was showing off a bit and the conductor as well- driving fast over old country roads and the conductor hanging out the front door like he was "catching a wave"- all added to the excitement of the trip- I think some in the group were a bit timid and worried for their lives!!!

Upon arriving at the shoe store, we saw the finishing touches being put on the shoes and boots we had come to pick up. First the boots- a snug fit and a bit hard to get off( but they need breaking in), then the shoes! They were way too small...the top of my foot is so weird, that they fit way too tight-I could hardly walk in them. No amount of stretching helped, so my pony saddle shoes were left behind𯘥Thus ended my career as a shoe designer...

Upon arriving back in Antigua, we made our way to the market, to make up for shoes, I bought a new outfit for Claudia...es bonito! And I even bartered a bit for a better price𯘉

Last night I headed to the Internet cafe to print off the ticket for my excursion to Chichicastenango. And as I passed by cafe Condesa I had to stop for un pastel tres leche(3 milk cake), es mi favotito!!!(a delicious combination of cake, dulce de leche, sweet milk and whipped cream) close to heaven!-oh and cake too!

Then home for some sleep...

This morning saw everyone heading out of the house...Vicky to a new home and then Monterrico, Ana off to Monterrico, the family to a new home stay and me...I have left my suitcase at the house for my trip and will get it tomorrow when I return.

I'm looking forward to my stay in Chichicastenango...Copy and paste to see pics





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