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Look Over Here

Lunch Time

A Herd Of Elk

Say Good Bye

Just Over The Top!

All works out well today but not as we expect. We have two routes that will take us back over the Cascades. We can take the Interstate north and then east. We can take Route 12 that everyone tells us is a good road. We opt for Route 12.

We climb to 1000 feet and level off. It is a beautiful ride but we want to start a gradual climb. We know we have to get over White Pass at 4500 feet.

We pass Packwood. We see a deer. No, it is an elk. We pull over. It is a small herd of elk. Neat!

We see a sign for the pass. We put on the flashers. We shift to a lower gear. We slowly climb with the trucks. We do not stop for pictures of Mount Rainier. I call off the elevation.

It is a relief when we make the top. The ride down the mountain is beautiful as we follow the rivers! We feel that we made the right choice. We are “home free.” Or, are we?

We have lunch in Natchez. We turn north on the Interstate. We are less than an hour from our next campground. This should be an easy run.

Who put these “ridges” across Washington? The maps tell where the passes are but the ridges are a surprise.

It is desert. It is hot. The climbing is work. This is not what we are expecting. We pull over once to allow the RV to cool down.

Finally, we decide that we must press on. What choice do we have? The air is off. We are in a lower gear. The RV does not heat up again but I am sure glad to see a green valley!

We probably would have been fine if it was not so hot. We are not used to this. John, Janet and the RV like cool weather. We will be here for two nights. Our route home may be determined by the weather!

Campground: KOA Ellensburg

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