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Kenny Lake RV Park. Awoke to bright sunshine – don’t know how long it had been up. Started off on our adventure to town of McCarthy. Along the way we saw a Tibetan Yak Farm. Got some good pictures. We were going to stop on the way back for a tour but it was about 8:00 whnet we went back by. Saw a mama moose and her 2 babies crossing the road. Had to slow down to let them go by. Then we hit the “the road”. What a drive!! It was 60 miles of potholes – some of them as big as craters. Much rougher than the Dempster Highway. It was built over an old railroad bed. You could see the old ties sticking up in the road in several places. There were rails along the side the road where they had just tossed them. After 3 hours we got to the town of McCarthy. Had to park and walk about ½ mile across 2 pedestrian bridges to the town no cars allowed. Stopped and ate lunch, which included an ice cream, which I thought I’d earned after the drive. McCarthy was the town that originally served as a supply center for trappers then supplied the mine. It was originally homesteaded by a guy named Barrett, but he named it for James McCarthy who was a prospector who had told him about the area. We then took a shuttle to the old mining town of Kennecott. They had mined copper there. Quite a large place with a huge building on the side of the hill that was used to separate the copper rich rocks from the junk. There were a number of buildings for bunkhouses, supply stores, railroad station, as well as a row of buildings that housed the prostitutes. They’re doing quite a bit of restoring there. We then walked back to McCarthy, which was 4 ½ miles, but it was railroad grade and downhill. After that we had drive 60 miles back to the start and then about 20 miles to the campground. It was about 8:30 when we got back. We were pretty beat. Dinner and bed in short order. Tomorrow we plan to go up the road a piece to the Nabesna Road into the Wrangell-St.Elias Park.

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