John and Janet 2012 Oregon travel blog

Open The Gate

You Back?

Through The Second Gate

Our Road

California Quail

California Quail

Thunder Egg

Thunder Egg

A Double

Many Colors

Most Are Blue

We spend one more day in the High Desert. We are at Richardson’s Recreational Ranch when they open at 7:00. We know the way to the South Blue Bed. It does not take John long to find more eggs. He is very good at this. We get a good look at a California quail.

Back at the Rock Shop, we have a long talk with the owner and her son. We suggest a car wash business. We are not the first. The son tells us that he tried it one summer when he was twelve. He had no takers. I cannot believe it.

In Madras, we have lunch and find a car wash. The RV really needs a cleaning. We spend the rest of the afternoon getting organized, making some minor repairs and doing the laundry.

We leave Oregon tomorrow. Officially, I guess this means we are headed home. We are going to Mt. St. Helens. We are skipping Seattle and Olympic National Park. It is July. We will try to avoid the crowds and the interstate. There is a lot to see between here and New Jersey.

Campground: Mountain View RV

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